skill atlas downloading
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What is happening:
the game keeps on saying skill atlas downloading when i try to login

What should be happening:
The game should let me login and play

Try deleting folder in


and logging in again

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If you're having trouble logging into LoE due to the client labelling some assets as 'downloading', or menu items showing up as bright pink rectangles, or you're having issues with screen resolution, or missing abilities from your hotbar/journal, these steps should resolve the problem:

Close LoE. Then, press the Windows key + R on your keyboard, and it should open up a small search box.

Paste the following into that search box - %appdata%..\..\LocalLow\LoE\Legends of Equestria - and press enter.

This should open up the hidden LoE folder. Delete everything in there, and then close it.

Now, re-run the LoE program. It'll create new, 'default' files to replace the one you just deleted, which should resolve the issue! You may need to re-do certain things like the order of abilities on your hotbar, or the screen resolution of the game. If you then need to change the settings again, you can always do so through the game's option menu.

If these steps don't work, follow them again, but after deleting everything in the hidden folder, also delete the LoE game download again, and grab a fresh copy from our website ( before running LoE again.

If your issue still persists, please report it via Phabricator (

The game won't Start up when I clicked on it.