Bramble Woods hole can lead to out of bounds.
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What is happening:
There is a spot in Bramble Woods that has no barrier and can let players escape out of bounds and over the map, and if far enough, would climb over the level in a tall dome-shaped outer barrier.

What should be happening:
There should be some barrier to prevent players from escaping.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
It is quite complicated, however I have a video that goes from the start to the wall.

Game client version:
0.1.7 (09/07/2017 release)

Reproduced by:
Peace Keeper

Reproduced on:
Windows 10 64-bit.


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There other ways to currently get out of bound as well. I'll post the ones I found but with how the area is design, there could easily be more that I missed, especially since Unicorns could tele to these.

First one just past the waterfall drop off, if you jump to the spot on the third pic you can reach where the climb out is in 1st and 2nd.

Climb out spot is on the 2nd one of this gap.

There a gap near this apple tree, close to second campfire, if you jump for it, you can get out trying.

Near the starting area, near the portal, you can jump to the right of that portal after crossing a bridge and go around this tree, if you do, you can walk along this path to another way to get out of bound.

That about all I seen so far, but I sure there is others, if there a good enough gap, odds are, someone can get out.