"One pet in the hoof" quest has several bugs
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What is happening:
In quest "One pet in the hoof", when Sandy Silver(NPC in heartland) told me to fight dummies and I saw the journal told me to use skill "Home Field Advantage" 5 times and "Friends Forever" 3 times, but no matter how many times I used it just don't complete.

And I also tried T1033's method to retry but the dummy will not respawn. Additionally, there's no "attack" command in given pet (turtle), how could this quest be completed anyway?

What should be happening:
Counter should work so the quest can be continued

Steps to reproduce the issue:
Just do the quest then its happening, I'm using Earth Pony

Game client version:
v 0.1.6 Win10x64

Reproduced by:
windtempest has similar problem

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Crash logs or exceptions generated:


This is still a problem right before OAR, if not fixed, then anyone taking it will either have to redo their pony if want to be a adult or remain a foal till it is fixed.

The skills will not count no matter how much you used them, there are no dummies for the pet to attack and even if there is, the turtle does not seem to get the option to attack anyways to make this possible.

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I've committed a workaround that allows the quest to be completed at this time.

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This issue has been fixed as of OAR build.