Chatbox Tranparency issues plus scrolling tabs
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What is happening:

  1. The transparency for the chatbox will not work correctly, stays mostly opague when going to a new room less highlighted or used, also the transparency option don't seem to affect it.
  1. Tabs (Global, local, etc) can be scrolls left or right when click and drag.

What should be happening:

  1. Transparency should work as expected and chatbox transparency setting should a effect if in the options.
  1. Probably shouldn't be scrollable for tabs.

    Steps to reproduce the issue:
  1. highlight your chatbox, move off it, now go into a new room, it'll be opaque all the way again till it is used before going back to tranparent, use the options to fiddle with chatbox transparency, witness it doesn't matter what you set it to.
  1. Click and hold the tabs, then drag it left or right.

Game client version:
Launcher 0.3, Vers. 0.1.6b, windows 64x

Reproduced by:

Reproduced on:
Windows 10, 64x

Crash logs or exceptions generated:

The difference when entering and fiddling with the chatbox in transparency, first is what it stuck as when entering room, 2nd is what it is after highlight/used

Me scrolling the tabs

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Chatbox transparency now fades out to the user-defined setting, and at the start of every room load.