A couple camera bugs.
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What is happening:
On the first one, if you disable the HUD with the mouse hovered over anything in the screen that blocks you from moving the camera, you wont be able to move the camera around with it disabled, only being able to move the camera after enabling the HUD again, or if you disabled it with the mouse on the chat box, until you move the mouse into the chat box or leaving the room.

The second one seems to happen at random when entering a new area (or I haven't found a pattern yet) - it causes you to be able to see your horse while in first person, you lose this effect by pressing escape or leaving the area.

What should be happening:
The camera movement shouldn't be disabled like that and you shouldn't be able to see your horse in first person (?

Steps to reproduce the issue:
For the first one, move your mouse pointer to the spots on the screenshot and disable the HUD, then try moving the camera.
For the second one I only got it at random so far, in more than one area, so have to be entering a new area and then going into first person until you get it, unless a pattern is figured out.

Game client version:
Build : v 0.1.6

Reproduced on:
Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit SP1

Screenshot and video:

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