Odd behaviour of login password
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What is happening:
When opening the login dialogue after logging in but not connecting to a server, the password field still shows stars as if a password has been entered, but the password needs to be retyped before the user can log in.

What should be happening:
When opening the login dialogue, the password field should always be blank (or, alternatively, if there is still a password in the field it should be used if not modified).

Steps to reproduce the issue:

  • Open client
  • Click login
  • Enter correct username and password. Password is displayed as a row of stars.
  • Click 'login'
  • When asked to select a server, click 'back'
  • Click 'login' again. Username is still displayed; password field displays number of stars of correct length. Do not alter either.
  • Click 'login'
  • Login fails; incorrect password

Game client version:

Reproduced on:
64-bit Linux

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Issue persists on v of the macOS build