Using Regenerative Aura on a hypnotized mob will cause it to slide around and die.
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What is happening:
After using the skill Regenerative Aura on an enemy affected by the skill Hypnosis, the mob will dart around, most of the times dying while doing so, this also causes mobs that are frozen by Sugar Crash to do the same, also for the mobs affected by this bug.

What should be happening:
This shouldn't happen to the mobs affected by Hypnosis.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
Use the skill Hypnosis on a mob, then use the skill Regenerative Aura.

Game client version:
Build : v 0.1.6

Reproduced by:
MetaKnight, Crimson_Tail

Reproduced on:
Windows 7 Professional (64-bit)
Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit SP1


Can confirm this works on all things that you can attack, including the guards. However there are a few it won't work on, Harvest Moon in Cantermore don't seem to be affected by hypnosis so cannot get the bug.

This is causing them to be under the certain condition needed in T1229 to start encountering the Regeneration bug that happens to non-hostiles.