Handle with Care can't seem to be completed
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What is happening:
After delivering the package no matter what order you do them in, Storm Chaser will believe you have not finished the delivery.

Also there one dialog that show your pony in a strange way.

The book updates in a odd way.

What should be happening:

  1. Should recognize if you deliver the packages
  1. Shouldn't show your pony in that dialog box.
  1. Book should update properly.

    Steps to reproduce the issue:
  1. Completed thirty minutes or less, then talk to Storm Chaser, take on the quest to deliver the package to weather ponies, do them in any given order, Storm Chaser will still say you haven't delivered them.
  1. I believe it was Um, I think this is yours that caused the show your pony
  1. Look at the book for each step taken.

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