Talent mark quest - Starscape when becoming an adult
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What is happening:
On completion of the Magic talent mark quest, when transitioning from the 'foal' avatar to the 'adult' avatar, there was a period when there was no visible scenery except a starscape; all talents were missing from the hotbar - all controls were non-responsive. I thought at first the client had crashed, but after a time it restored itself and all was well.

What should be happening:
If the client needs time to load new adult-avatar data, then there should be a loading screen, or a "please wait" dialogue, ot some other indication to the user that the client is still functioning and does not need to be hard reset.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
Obtain talent mark (tested with Magic as a unicorn)

Game client version:
legends-of-equestria-legends-of-equestria-linux-test-universal-1-3.zip (which contains the 0.1.6 client, despite the name)

Reproduced on:
64-bit Linux with a slow network connection

ccc_037 created this task.May 29 2017, 6:26 AM