clipping hairstyles
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What is happening:
With some hairstyles there is clipping with the head, in one case the mane just float over the head.

What should be happening:
Hair should adapt to the model when the character is standing still or shown in the character creation.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
Enter the creation tool and choose between different styles, the hairs will clip into the head.

Game client version:

Reproduced by:
Blue Charm

Reproduced on:
windows 10 64bit


Issue persists on v of the macOS build. The dynamic hair physics ignore the pony body's collision entirely, phasing right through it. Only appears to be a significant issue with those specific manestyles in the screenshots, though.

An easy fix would be to tweak the manes to be a bit thicker. A more comprehensive fix would be to add collision physics between the hair and body.