HasItem does not count items spread over multiple stacks
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What is happening:
If I have two piles of three mushrooms instead of one pile of five or more, the Chlorophiliac quest does not accept this as meeting the 'five mushrooms' requirement.

What should be happening:
Five mushrooms should be accepted, no matter how they're arranged in my inventory.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
Start Chlorophiliac quest.
Obtain dandelions, Canterlot flowers, and gems as required.
Go to Evershade.
Start Tenseven's quest.
When Tenseven asks you to gain seven mushrooms, pick up thirteen. This will leave you with one pile of ten mushrooms and one pile of three.
Return to Tenseven. He will take his seven mushrooms, leaving you with two piles of three.
Return to Peaceblossom. She will not accept your two piles of three as filling the 'five mushrooms' criterion.

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