Strange behaviour of ! in Strawberry Field Quest
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What is happening:
The Strawberry Fields quest seemed to generate a large flat plane at countertop height

What should be happening:
Large flat planes should not appear from nowhere

Steps to reproduce the issue:
Launched game.

Entered Sugarcane Corner.

Spoke to NPC (Silver Platter, I think he was) standing by counter to start Strawberry Fields quest.

On starting the quest, was rather surprised at appearance of large flat insubstantial plane at countertop height.

(Plane vanished when I spoke to Silver again to end the quest. Did not try leaving sugarcane corner first)

Game client version:
Version 1.4

Reproduced on:
64-bit Linux


ccc_037 created this task.Mar 8 2017, 9:46 PM

...didn't find it when I searched earlier, but it turns out this is a duplicate of