A book too far, Marshmallow Cream shows Gypsum's dialog along with it showing my pony
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What is happening:
Talking to Marshmallow Cream causes her to respond as Gypsum for the quest, also showing my pony during it

What should be happening:
Should probably be actually talking to Gypsum and not Marshmallow Cream to advance the quest, also should show the proper pony in dialog box

Steps to reproduce the issue:
Talk to Marshmallow Cream during A book too far, ends up as Gypsum's dialog for it, will show your pony in dialog.

Game client version:
Vers. 0.1.4 windows 64

Reproduced by:

Reproduced on:
Windows 10, 64 bit

Crash logs or exceptions generated:


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This is more of an implementation bug.

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I'll take it over, and have a looksie.

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