Timberwolves get (sometimes) stuck on trees
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What is happening:
As you persuade a timberwolf to chase and attack you, you get up on a tree short enough for the wolf to be able to still reach you. Once you get on, the wolf will continue to chase you, and somehow jump up onto the tree with you to continue to attack. After it defeats you or you become unreachable, the wolf returns idle, but has trouble getting off the tree. There is a rare chance that the wolf would be able to get off, and another rare chance that it will KO as it tries to get off the tree.

What should be happening:
It should not be able to reach you up onto the tree if it can't jump.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
Heartlands has a good spot to climb onto a tree for Timberwolves. Also Unicorn or Pegasus best use. Earth is possible but not very reliable for replicating bug.
-Persuade a wolf
-Try to run to a short tree (see video link below to see the tree most reliable for glitch.
Do not become too far from the wolf or it will leave. If you reach up the tree and the wolf is still attacking, it should come up to the tree with you.

Game client version:
LoE Win 64-bit build v0.1.4

Reproduced by:
Peace Keeper

Reproduced on:
Windows 10 64-bit

Video showcasing the glitch.