Stuckpoint on Building in Sweet Apple Orchards
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What is happening:
It's possible to get stuck on the potted carrots on top of the building above Li'l Galoshes, particularly in between the 2d geometry that makes up the leaves.

What should be happening:
Probably shouldn't be getting stuck.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
-Enter Sweet Apple Orchards
-Go past Spud and his carrot farm to the building Li'l Galoshes is standing on
-Navigate, climb, fly, or teleport to the upper floor balcony
-Hop onto the window sill pot with the carrots on it and wedge yourself in

Game client version:
Alpha v0.1.3.1

Reproduced by:

Reproduced on:
Windows 10, 64-bit OS

Crash logs or exceptions generated:
Not applicable.


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